Chef’s Gourmet Menu

For Our Authentic Chinese Gourmet Fans


Spicy Fried Eggplant Sticks 香棘茄条

Crispy fried eggplant sticks seasoned with cilantros and garlic in our chef’s Szechuan chili sauce. $7.95

Fantastic Slow Braised Whole Pork Shank

Whole pork shank slow cooked with herbs.
Served with wilted spinach. $16.95

Ma La Boiling Fish Hot Pot 沸腾鱼

A classic presentation of the Szechuan region – filet of flounder simmered in a boiling spicy broth with sweet potato noodles, bamboo shoots and napa cabbages seasoned with Szechuan pepper corns, chilies and herbs. Served traditionally in a big pot for sharing. (S) $17.00 (L) $32.00

Sugar Cane Smoked Cornish Hen 甘蔗熏鸡

Whole Cornish game hen smoked with fresh sugar canes
In Taiwanese native seasoning $16.95

Calamaries Stir-fried With Pickled Chilies 泡椒鱿鱼

With green and red peppers in chili sauce. $14.95

Fried Shrimp In Jalapeno Salt 椒盐虾

Flash fried head on shrimp seasoned with
jalapeno spiced salt $13.95

Fried Pork Chops With Garlic or With Jalapeno chili Spiced Salt蒜香或椒盐排骨

Marinated pork chops fried to golden. $14.95

Vegetarian Triple Delight 地三鲜

Sautéed Chinese egg plants, green peppers and potato with garlic $10.95

Chengdu Twice Cooked Pork 成都回锅肉

Select pork belly first boiled then wok fried with fresh leeks and garlic in a spicy chili sauce. $14.95

Chinese Chives With Smoked Tofu

Vegetarian $12.95 With pork or chicken $14.95
With jumbo shrimp $16.95

Sautéed Edamame With Pork And
Pickled Snow Cabbage 雪菜肉丝毛豆

A popular dish originated from Shanghai. $13.95

Taiwanese Braised Cornish Hen With Basil

Chopped whole Cornish game hen braised in traditional recipe with rice wine, soy, sesame oil and basil. $14.95

Killing Me Spicy Taiwanese Flies Heads 台湾苍蝇头 (超辣)

Spiciest dish in our menu – diced string beans, bean curd, chilies. Served with steamed buns.
Insects not included. Vegetarian $13.95 With ground pork or beef $16.95

Sliced Duck With Scallion 葱爆鸭片(附4 張春并)

Sliced duck stir fried with onions, scallions and ginger.
Served with 4 handmade spring pancakes. $18.95

Awesome Chicken With Trio Peppers 三椒煸鸡

Diced chicken aromatically dry roasted in wok with three kinds of chili peppers. $13.95 With Lamb三椒煸羊 $17.95

Shanghai Wok Seared Shrimp 上海油爆虾

Head on shrimp wok seared with chef’s sauce. $13.95

Grand Mom’s Tofu With Flounder

Flounder filet and silken soft tofu simmered in an authentic Szechuan chili sauce. $14.95

Smoked Tofu With Pork 香干肉丝

Julienned five spice smoked tofu and pork wok stir fried with garlic, fresh chilies and scallions. $13.95

Stir Fried Rice Cake With Pork Shanghai Style 上海炒年糕

With shredded pork, cabbage and bamboo shoots. $12.95

Shredded Chicken With Pickled Cabbage 泡菜鸡丝

A simple homey dish in refreshing flavors. $12.95

Fish Filet In Pickled Rice Wine Sauce

Filet of flounder simmered in a fragrant wine sauce with bamboo shoots and wood ear mushrooms. $13.95

Julienned Potato With Fresh Chilies
小椒土豆絲 (附4 張春并)

Wok stir fried julienned potato with scallion and fresh chilies in. With 4 handmade spring pancakes. $12.95

Hot Boiled Filet Of Fish
(Beef or Chicken Also Available)

With napa cabbage, celery and bamboo shoots in Spicy Szechuan chili sauce. $14.95

Chinese Grains Spirits

Confucius Wisdom

(Chinese grain spirit)

高级白酒 78 proof

6 oz jar 小壶 $18
750ml 瓶 Full Bottle $68


Gao Liang Chiew 厦门高梁酒 112 proof

6 oz jar 小壶 $18
750ml 瓶 Full Bottle $68